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Vic Clesceri

Vic Clesceri, Founder, Chief Sherpa, and Principal Consultant of The Management Sherpa, has more than 30 years of experience developing people, building organizations, and enhancing execution. Through scaling organizational capability, he assists organizations in equipping them to outcompete their competition and drive predictable and sustainable results. He has done this within boardrooms, conference rooms, and classrooms for highly recognized publicly and privately held organizations, nonprofits, and universities for more than twenty years.

As an experienced leader in Organizational Development and Talent Management, Vic uses his broad functional expertise within Sales, Analytics, Strategy, Operations, and Human Resources and his vast industry experience across food & beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, nonprofit, and academia to identify organizational strengths and blind spots. From this lens, he leads workforce planning and talent management strategy for organizations to develop coaching cultures that scale organizational competency, capability, and skills.

Vic has vast experience across for-profit, nonprofit, and academic organizations through his work, coaching, consulting, and advising. In addition to his corporate experience, he has over twenty-two years professorship experience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and is current a Visiting Assisting Professor for Miami University’s prestigious Farmer School of Business.

As a solution-centric, people-focused advisor, consultant, and coach, Vic partners with his clients to implement holistic improvements in Talent Management strategy and process that are fundamental and sustainable to driving organizational capability, improving employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention, thus allowing organizations and cultures to thrive.

Vic is a licensed Organizational Development consultant and coach, and certified Korn Ferry Leadership Competency advisor. He also holds certifications as an HR-OD Practitioner, Talent Management and Succession Planning Strategist, and Learning and Development Specialist. In addition to these certifications, Vic is an experienced expert in a variety of 360, behavioral, strengths, team, cultural, and emotional intelligence assessments.

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